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"I believe art is a way of living, a lifestyle, a vision. We all have different ways in which perceive different pieces".

Although an intuitive initial process, it is not a frenetic, bodily explosion of marks we have come to associate with contemporary abstract painting. Each piece will have several layers of work, Scalcon enjoying the chance encounters of colour, line and shape each new layer generates. On returning to the piece, he will begin to determine a specific place in the painting: a lighthouse, harbour or mountain which relates to a poignant memory. He will then lead the painting to clarify this vision. The final touches are more calculated. He will layer pastel over dry acrylic to add and refine details, breaking up continents of colour with sharp lines or tracing the edges of shapes. This tension between boldness and detail creates a dynamism.

Kate Reeve-Edwards - Author, Writer.

These subjects appear in his mind suddenly, accompanied by an urge to transcribe them in paint. Vistas such as misty Swiss lakes, coral reefs and mountain forests, often inspired by places he has travelled to, are the inspirations for this series of work. With these paintings, he has developed a multi-media technique of incorporating 3D materials to highlight the tangibility of the landscape. This exploration of tactility has informed a thicker application of paint in his contemporary work. It produces a sensual connection to the surface.

Kate Reeve-Edwards - Author, Writer.

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