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The name "DASCA" comes together from the first initials of my name and surname. Growing up in a little town north west side of Italy, not far from where I was born in 1993, I spent time with a creative father, who instilled in me a love of crafts and art. I was easily impressed by the concept of creating art, someone else's vision. 

It is only in 2018 that I began to paint intensively, experimenting with various media and processes on canvas. I lived in various countries which influenced a lot my works. I currently live and work in London.

Some of my biggest influences are landscapes, artificial objects and patterns such as old walls, water, rocks and buildings. Traveling also has a big impact on my works; exploring new places opens up my mind.

I have been drawing and using colors since my early teens as a way to express my personal vision of the world. Still today, painting, feels as natural as breathing to me, a chance to escape from everyday routine and go back to the bare essentials.

Self-taught, my works demonstrate a sense of experimentation and research. Everything start with an inspiration, a image that catches my attention. I am interested in the true essence of things, so I abstract a subject from the context, looking at it merely as a sum of single elements, and I reduce it to its dominant colours and main lines. Differently, I strip off the subject details and let them float against abstract backgrounds, to resemble landscapes or scenarios.

I use heavy body acrylic paint and modelling paste as a base. I build up different layers of colour with varying quantities of paint, resulting in significant spillages which are repeatedly worked out to create depth and visual interest throughout the painting. I use a palette knife or a simple brush to apply the paint directly onto the canvas. As part of my minimalistic approcah, in the latest production I gave up brushes and palette knife to use only fingers. I found this technique, it creates a thick texture that can be felt as well as seen, giving a completely unique style to my works.

In some other collections however, some paintings are characterised by perfect symmetry, where every decision about colour and proportion can be seen to be redolent of place, mood or memories. In this case I let each painting evolve intuitively as I build each layer of paint.

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